Retail Media in Pharma-E-Commerce Study 24 (✚)

Market data & strategies for e-pharmacies, Google, YouTube & Amazon

Retail media measures are crucial for increasing the visibility and sales of products in online pharmacies. Manufacturers can effectively increase their share of voice (SoV) with the help of a combination of onsite placements and targeted advertising campaigns on other channels. It is advisable to consider a holistic multichannel strategy with suitable objectives, appropriate monitoring and analysis of the measures taken.

The study offers comprehensive market data and innovative approaches for WKZ investments in the top 10 e-pharmacies as well as for advertising platforms, such as Google, YouTube and Amazon. Leading pharmaceutical companies are increasing their sales and visibility with the help of targeted retail media measures. With the right tools and budget strategies, they can achieve the best ROI. The study also sheds light on current developments and opportunities in the digital Rx market and answers the question ‘Why are retail media, Google & Co. also interesting for Rx?’

Highlights of the Retail Media in Pharma-E-Commerce Study 24

  • Onsite-market data: Exclusive insights into advertising trends and investments of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers within the top 10 online pharmacies
  • Strategic budget-allocation: Opportunities to maximise ROI with the help of optimal budget allocation to relevant channels
  • Google, YouTube & Amazon: Advertising print and ranges of well-known brands on the most relevant offsite channels
  • Chances of the Rx market: Historic chances and holistic strategies for the strictly regulated digital Rx market
  • Innovative analyzing-tools: Tools and recommendations for optimal budget allocation and investments in the digital pharma market

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