Amazon Study 24 (✚)

The power of the right strategy and targeted data analysis for Your success on Amazon

Amazon’s relevance in the digital pharmaceutical industry is steadily increasing both nationally and globally. Even without its own pharmacy, Amazon already occupies 4th place in a comparable e-pharmacy ranking in Germany in terms of sales. In the USA, Amazon Pharmacy 2024 rose from 5th to 2nd place in the ranking of top e-pharmacies, meaning that the marketplace has long been recognised by customers as a POS and can be used with good leverage.

In the first step of Amazon Study 24, we look at market shares and developments in the top healthcare categories and brands. In our forecasts, we look at sales trends and the dominant role of Amazon in Germany as its own pharmacy until 2030 thanks to the e-prescription boost. Further highlights include our unique analyses of the Amazon advertising market and Amazon FAQs with exclusive answers from our experts. Detailed brand analyses on prices, availability, buyboxes and keyword reach as well as the presentation of our holistic Amazon strategy round off the study.

Hightlights of the Amazon Study 24

  • Amazon market overview: A look at the strongest categories and brands on Amazon and exciting forecasts for Amazon’s pharmaceutical market share in 2030
  • Amazon advertising market: Unique data on the advertising market for the flu & cold and vitamins & minerals markets
  • Holistic Amazon strategy: Success with the holistic Amazon strategy consisting of influencer marketing, Amazon Ads and data analysis of the Smile.BI Amazon app
  • Updates on Amazon Pharmacy and Co.: The role of Amazon Pharmacy today and in 2030
  • Manufacturer FAQs: The answers to the most frequently asked questions about Amazon and pharma
  • Data-driven Amazon analysis: Valuable market analyses on prices, keywords, buyboxes and availability of pharmaceutical products on Amazon

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