AI for Digital Pharma Marketing & Sales Study 2024 (✚)

Influences of the gamechanger AI on the digital pharmaceutical industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key technology across all industries. Generative AI could contribute 2.6 to 4.4 trillion dollars annually to the global economy. In particular, it appears to have the greatest positive impact on the areas of customer operations, marketing, software development and research & development. Despite the huge economic potential in any industry, the pharmaceutical manufacturer survey in the study shows that AI has not yet fully arrived in the everyday life of the digital pharmaceutical industry.

A considerable amount of untapped potential is evident, although there are already targeted applications that can enormously increase the productivity and effectiveness of processes, especially for pharmaceutical manufacturers and online pharmacies. The expected growth of the e-pharmacy sector due to e-prescriptions in particular means that strategic process optimisation is very much on the cards.

In the “AI for Digital Pharma Marketing & Sales Study 2024“, we shed light on the dynamics of this emerging field. We show how AI is reshaping the global market, analyse how it is already being used in the digital pharmaceutical industry in a manufacturer survey and present opportunities for manufacturers and e-pharmacies through tools, strategies and best practice. In addition, we shed light on the industry’s views on the topic of “AI for Pharma” in the “AI Perspectives“.

Highlights of the AI for Digital Pharma Marketing & Sales Study 2024:

  • AI-Insights Overview: How AI is reshaping the global market and boosting productivity and efficiency
  • AI manufacturer survey: Untapped AI potential in the digital pharma industry becomes clear
  • Opportunities for digital pharma through AI: discover pharma-specific applications and processes for greater success and time savings
  • Sales boost through AI & e-prescription: Historic opportunities for e-pharmacies through AI & e-prescription with the right strategy
  • Industry perspectives on AI: Artificial intelligence and its impact on advertising, influencer marketing, Amazon and product development

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